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RE: Print timesheet

- 11/03/2015 15:14:58

Here are some pointers I got earlier on a similar request:



From Eric Caudal

We use Export current view module to get an excel export.

It is not a report but it is simple and straightforward...

This module is a constant life saver for the reporting with not a lot of volume of treatment.


Now if you want to design pure pdf reports, qweb is the standard way to go. Other than that you can chose:

- Aeroo (AFAIK, installation is tricky),

- jasper report or pentaho report (probably more technical but more solid, more professional and a good investment on the long run).

- Webkit is still a good option as well but technically very close to qweb so I'd rather advice the standard approach (I have not heard of any specific advantage of webkit over qweb but there is a good deal of existing reports in that techno. Supported by the OCA.

There are some other exotic solutions but I would not care about them (few support and probably difficult to maintain)


From Pedro Romero

You can also try this module for printing:


I did not yet tried any of these. I will likely go for testing Pentaho but did not really had time to gor further. One limitation I saw is that Pentaho connector ( targets v5.4) is not compliant with latest version of Pentaho (6.0) but this may not be a big issue./





De : Olivier LuxProject []
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Objet : Print timesheet




Any of you have a solution to print timesheet in V8 ?


We are looking for a solution to print timesheet by customer or period or project.




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