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Re: Is it possible to add a functionnal field, or perform onchange functions on odoo survey ?

Yassine TEIMI
- 11/03/2015 09:38:06
Dear Experts, 

I think that the current survey module version is not advanced enough to answer such needs, I kindly invite you to consider my request, and I hope that we can trigger a PR.

My goal is to compute the values and store them in the database, so as to use them on the survey dashboard. 

To be more precise, I'm developping a very specific human ressources appraisals, and the purpose is to compute values based on other fields value to give the hr manager, after the evaluation, an idea about the reaching goals percentage, defined last year. Therefore, once the evaluation is finished, the manager should be able to print these computed values, and also have them on his dashboard. Is it possible to do such developpement using javascript functions ? How could it be stored on the database then ? ( I would like to know more about what happens on server side when the evaluation form is sent). 

Thanks a lot for your answers. I hope to get some of your advises and feedback.

2015-11-02 19:54 GMT+00:00 Yassine Teimi <>:

During the survey, I need to add a "functionnal field", that computes a value based on other fields value.

For example, I have a question (Matrix type), and I want to perform such action during the survey : 


Col 1

Col 2

Line 1

Value (1,1)

Value (1,2)

Line 2

Value (2,1)

Value (2,2)

« Functionnal field » or « onchange function »

Value (1,1)*Value (1,2) + Value (2,1)* Value (2,2)

Is it possible to perform such developpement on a survey ? 

Any hints, propositions will be welcome guys. 

I have some ideas to share, your toughts interest me a lot. 



Yassine TEIMI

Consultant & Odoo Project Manager
TEL : +212 6-27 33 30 78



Yassine TEIMI

Consultant & Odoo Project Manager
TEL : +212 6-27 33 30 78