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Re: Accounting documentation just published

Martin Trigaux (mat)
- 11/02/2015 09:55:21

On 02/11/15 14:36, Raphaël Valyi wrote:
> First kudos for the documentation. Now about translations, is there an
> organized plan at the Odoo SA level?

Yep, I am working on it right now. Should land in a few days at most 
(Jeffery beat us here).
We would gladly host the great effort the Chinese team did so far.
I will check with Jeffery once we are ready.

> As I said here in Brazil, the Enterprise costs close to a minimum wage
> per employee per month, so it's extremely unlikely the Enterprise offer
> has penetration in this market, just like China may be... Again that's
> marco-economics to a critic to Odoo SA. So I'm not too sure documenting
> the Enterprise is worth the effort, specially given the rate of change
> in the project.

Putting aside if the enterprise will or not succeed on some markets 
(definitely not my place to evaluate that), I don't think documenting in 
enterprise is bad. We are not just documenting the enterprise-only 
features, we are documenting all the common processes in Odoo.

For people using the community and reading the documentation, the 
differences will be:
- another design (shouldn't be a big deal, the menu and buttons are the 
same anyway)
- some feature are not accessible in community but most flow works fine 
in community (maybe we could add a indication)

> What do you think? I kind of think a step OCA level English adaptation
> could be an opportunity for an OCA crowd funding, that's probably doable
> with reasonable funding and that would also show mere users the OCA
> could be something useful for them. But if Odoo SA itself wants to
> coordinate a documentation for the community edition why not...

We are trying to publish a documentation useful for as many users as 
possible. Again I don't believe publishing two documentations is a good 
idea (writing one is already very time consuming) but I would gladly 
discuss solutions to make the main one better.

As for a reminder, help welcome to write pages on
or directly on GitHub at


Martin Trigaux
Odoo (Formerly OpenERP)