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[9.0] Default project tasks

DarbTech , Stephane DAGUET / DarbTech SARL
- 10/31/2015 14:53:36

Dear All,


In V9, task stages are not defined by default, and not even seen in the Kaban view if there is no task in the stage.

So we will have many duplicates for stages, errors, …


There was 2 issues in github related:


Sounds there is a ways to configure default tasks suggested :

                “If you want to change it just add a default value on stage_ids of project with ir.values (no code needed).”

                “It is still possible to have shared columns in technical mode by adding columns in the m2m. But with the kanban interface you will not have shared columns.”


However, the is no stage_ids in project, only in commercial team. Maybe it is type_ids … ? But how to define a default value ?

How to force kaban view to display stages even if there is no task in the stage …


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