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Free Online Training 2 nov - 13 dec "Manage with an ERP" (in French)

- 10/31/2015 12:38:56

I'm glad to let you know about this free online course (MOOC) based on Odoo V8.

This session starts on 2 nov over 5 weeks, with an estimated effort of
4 hours per week.
The course is in French, only, and built by French University.

Practical excercises will be based on a company simulation on Odoo V8,
but main topics will be more universal : Business Process Management,
Main Sales/Purchase processes, Automated accounting outcome,
Import/export data and much more.

Target audience is strategic and functionnal, not oriented to
developpement technicals.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, this course will be useful to
you. If you know colleagues, clients, prospects, friends and relatives
who would benefit of such a global approach, please let them know
about this training. No pre-requisits, but fluent French (I apologize
by non French speakers).

4400 students were already registered last week which let expect very
productive exchanges between participants and teachers.

You can register here :

See you there !

Dominique Chabord from SISalp