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Re: Tags on accounts & tax - reliable enough ?

Fabien Pinckaers (fp)
- 10/31/2015 02:39:42

I don't think you need tags to customize main reports. Tags are usually used in complex formulae, like in the executive summary report. We don't need another m2o neither.

The default P&L, and BS use the account type instead of tags. (Dso, net margins, ...) As an account might be used is several formulae, it's good to use tags for this purpose.

For country specific P&L and BS, we recommend to use account codes, instead of tags. If I am not wrong, that's what we did for the Belgium legal statement. In most countries, the position of an account in the legal statement is defined by its code (e.g. sales is 7xxx), not by a type or a subtype.

We use account type in the generic P&L report so that we can do a consolidation of the P&L from different countries, without having to configure anything.

But for country specific reports, the law usually define the structure using codes. That way, it's super easy for the accountant and he can't be wrong when he creates an account.


On Oct 30, 2015 9:08 AM, "Frédéric Clementi" <> wrote:
Tags are definitely flexible and offer more classification but unreliable in my view for financial reports purposes.

I can so easily create 2 tags with the same name or forget to add a tag or delete it by mistake (so little cross) !

There is a big risk of error when users will create their own account ; they will disover that the P&L is wrong for ex. just because of a tag error...and if there is an error what tool do you have to quickly find the error on the report ?

With a required M2O field (like 'type' on account) you can select the wrong one but you cannot print a report with the wrong grand total.

I understand the M2M field but do you think the widget is the right one ? 

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