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Re: migrating magentoerpconnect

- 10/30/2015 16:39:04

indeed I had not noticed thank you.

I'm not familiar with oerpscenario and don't know his use case.

Is it better to migrate data from ir_model_data to magento_tables using oerpscenario or simple sql scripts (v6.1 to V8) ?

Can you give me some quick guidelines to get started with it ? i've seen the github of project but i didn't understand very well how it works.

And also can you explain what you are doing here in the file (line 71 to 94)

I apologize for these questions if they seem trivial


2015-10-30 8:33 GMT+01:00 Guewen Baconnier <>:

On Fri, Oct 30, 2015 at 2:27 AM, Harold Tamo <> wrote:

Thanks for your answer Guewen.

In the v6.1 of connector res_partner object does not have magento_id field or equivalent (unless I am mistaken) so i don't have this data to fill the magento_res_partner table magento_id field. How can i handle that ?

Same apply for other models which does not have magento_id field before


The equivalent information was stored in ir_model_data, you can find the examples in the script I shared with you earlier:

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