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MRP specs for Odoo 10

Quentin De Paoli (qdp)
- 10/30/2015 13:24:44
Hi community,

I'd just wanted to keep you informed that the Draft specs for MRP in Odoo 10 has been updated in reaction to the 2 days of workshops made last week with some of you.

Thanks again for those that were present, your input was very valuable. I know that we discussed a lot more that what has been finally written in the google doc, but please keep in mind that:
  • we want to keep Odoo as simple as possible, and having more parameters/more options often go against that goal
  • this is the basis, on top of which more features can be plugged (made by you, or us in a further version)
Moreover, you know that what is planned here is not engraved in marble and can still change during the coming months, but at least you have an insight on the Odoo roadmap for MRP-related modules.

Don't hesitate to give your feedback, preferably by commenting the document.

Have a nice week end,


Quentin De Paoli
LAN Parties Manager
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