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WG: AW: taxes in Odoo 9 (tax amount / base amount)

- 10/30/2015 10:47:53


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Hello community,


If odoo  wants to sell  administrative accounting, like odoo wants to do itself we think so
( not DATEV )

you have to make reports example as a montly

value added tax; VAT


Greetings from

tax authority; inland revenue office


For this you need national classification numbers in Germany, Austria.. and so on.

Where/How can I define it in odoo 9?



In Odoo 8 we had two Fields (tax_code_id and base_code_id) on the Object, with those we could solve our local requirements.
But in Odoo 9 with those Fields gone and replace by just one simple Tag Field, how should we meet complex tax reporting requirements? Does anyone have ported an account/localisation module to 9, which requires to differentiate between tax-amounts and base-amounts and also nested taxes (fiscal positions).


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