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Re: Price Changes

Juan José Scarafía
- 10/30/2015 08:49:44

Perhups this module can help, it gives a wizard to mass update product prices

El jue., oct. 29, 2015 18:12, Eva Pinter @ xpansa <> escribió:


This will not work. the cost of the real price is only updated when you do goods issue.

Best is to maintain a sales price list based on supplier price and to update the supplier price daily and to use a module in OdooMRP github to manage price history, if you want to know the previous prices.


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On 29 Oct 2015, at 21:07, Ray Carnes <> wrote:

Would using a pricelist based on cost price work if you set pricing to real.

The price would update as soon as you sols your last cheaper item, I think.


From: Tutu Moses
Sent: ‎10/‎29/‎2015 1:33 PM
To: Community
Subject: Price Changes

Hi All
is there a solution to constant product price changes

for example if i buy a Product A at $ 5 and sell it at $7, next day i buy it at $7 and sell it at $10,

is there a way the system can automatically update this

Thanks in advance 


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