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Tags on accounts & tax - reliable enough ?

Camptocamp SA, Frederic Clementi
- 10/30/2015 04:03:21
Tags are definitely flexible and offer more classification but unreliable in my view for financial reports purposes.

I can so easily create 2 tags with the same name or forget to add a tag or delete it by mistake (so little cross) !

There is a big risk of error when users will create their own account ; they will disover that the P&L is wrong for ex. just because of a tag error...and if there is an error what tool do you have to quickly find the error on the report ?

With a required M2O field (like 'type' on account) you can select the wrong one but you cannot print a report with the wrong grand total.

I understand the M2M field but do you think the widget is the right one ? 

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