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Long loading time in sheet

- 10/29/2015 03:53:45



*** I am not sure if my previous e.mail did went through (I do not receive my own posts) due to attachments. Sorry for spamming if you already received it. ***




I investigated a bit more my issue of "long freezing time" during timesheets filling, starting again from scratch to check if issue reproduces and it does


I started from an empty DB, installed the modules as listed in 'installed.txt' file (the extra one are the one from Camp to Camp related to 'task in timesheet'. I am in odoo 8)

And set the following configuration:

Record timesheet lines per tasks

Manage timesheets

Validate timesheet every month

Allow timesheets validation by managers

Allow invoicing based on timesheets (the sale application will be installed)

Install attendances feature


Which is quite standard I think

I create one project P1 (with tasks and timesheets) and 2 tasks (P1T1 and P1T2) in that project


I go to enter a timesheet, start entering values and after some being entered, the screen freezes and indicates 'loading' (see 'screenshot.jpg' )  during ~10s.

The transactions happening during that time as seen in the 'log.txt' file.


> Do you have something comparable on your side? I welcome any extract of your logs in similar conditions (filing timesheets)

> What is the rationale for these transactions ? Everything should be local as there is no saving that stage. Could someone clarify me what are these transactions about ?


Files mentioned in the e.mail are available here:


Thank you