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Landed Cost on Products with Costing Method == 'average' [WIP] module

Vauxoo S.A. de C.V., Humberto
- 10/24/2015 05:27:01
Dear Community Guys,

As you know odoo v8/v9 Landed Cost is only available for products with cost_method=='real'
and is not available for other Costing Methods, i.e., average,

We have been developing a module to overcome this missing part

Code can be found at:

Your knowledge, [soft-hard] critics and opinions are quite welcome

There are several modules trying to fulfil the gaps that this module intends to

I know more work is to be done and more fixing needs to be put on code

As of now module can compute landed cost on average products,
- increase inventory because of the Landed Costs,
- decrease inventory because of COGS that should be applied on outdated landed cost that were applied on products already sold.
- increase/decrease inventory because of manually changing value on product average value, and booking difference on gain/loss inventory valuation account.

a new model stock.card provide a way to get average for a product,
its history of movement a valuation (kardex)
useful when computing landed cost 

other module, segmentation cost though included in this PR, could be spare.

Your comments are welcome on github and mailing list

Best Regards.

Quien suscribe,