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Data Validation and Scoring module.

Ecosoft Co. LTD, Kitti Upariphutthiphong
- 10/24/2015 00:23:39
Hi Community,

I have quite a bizarre requirement. It is about Data Validation and Scoring.

For example, for a data record (i.e., subscription)
  • We want to apply a validation logic into each field.
  • Each logic, i.e., check whether subscription code = 5 char, or not starting with xxx, etc.
  • Each field logic will have a score, if passed.
Says, a subscription, with 10 fields to check, each field have its rule and each rule have 10 points.

So total is 100 points, says if only 6 field meet the logic. When user click "Validate", it will show 60% valid.

We want to do this because, we have a messy data source, that we want to rate it, so that the party involve will know and can make changes gradually.
And we do mass verify and clean it in one go (otherwise Excel, or ETL may be better). 

Before we jump in to the coding, just want ask if anyone have something similar?

Many thanks,
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