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Re: e-mail handling question

Csaba Tóth
- 10/22/2015 15:12:57
thanks, i setted up mail.thread, now i get e-mails.

But i still cannot find the same usable interface, i just see the e-mail as a chat discussion. Cannot find reply button, no informations who wrote it, who was the recipient. Everything is gone, what we had in the previous releases..
Anyone knows where is this interface in v9.0 showed at the beginning of this video ?


2015.10.21. 23:39 keltezéssel, Caudal Eric írta:
<blockquote cite="" type="cite">
This problems happens already in v8 when you do not assign an object at email reception.
Can't you assign in "Create a new record" field?

On Thu, Oct 22, 2015 at 1:52 AM Csaba Tóth <> wrote:
Dear Community! Please give me advice.

In the Odoo 8.saas6 version i handled company's general e-mail accounts
(, etc) as a Messaging group ( Because i
didn't wanted to create a record in a table, i just wanted an simple
e-mail "object", what i can reply and thats it. The users who were in a
group got the e-mail in their inbox, so i can separate the technical
ones from accounting questions, etc.

With Odoo 9 i didn't see the same possibility. I created the incoming
pop account, put a very simple e-mail into it (the e-mail's recipient
was my own user's e-mail address), but the fetch gone to error:
Anybody hitted the same error?

Can you give me an advice how to handle e-mails with Odoo 9? For example
what happens with e-mails what cannot bound to user or to an object
(using the mail.alias mapping)? How can i handle the different incoming
e-mail groups?


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