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Re: OCA Command Line Interface

Nhomar Hernandez
- 10/22/2015 14:01:12

2015-10-22 12:52 GMT-05:00 David Arnold <>:
he cool stuff is written in go. So yes.

Golang compiles to platform independent binary, so this will take out the headache many windows odoo newcomers report with standard tooling.

Men, you simply do not know python enought. Please dedicate a little time to it.....

make a google search of 10 minutes more and your will find the strategies to compile python even to work in a wash machine.

And BTW, our main focus is for Linux not for Windows, this is totally out of scope for OCA, AFAICK we are not building a community to make the gretest ERP to have people asking for next next windows on windows.

Even if we fix things for windows and considere the basic topics on it, it is not the main focus, if you do not use an *nix system to program on python+odoo you are having a huge conceptual leak of knowledge also.


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