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Re: Multi Company or Multi Location

XPANSA, Eva Pinter
- 10/22/2015 12:50:00
Hi Mihir,

There are not enough information in your mail to help you make a decision. You do not specify what he wants to see based on the sales location or on the workshop. So, my advice is: write down the business processes and check what separations are needed this will give you the clear picture.

Normally, separate companies are used if you have separate legal entities, not separate shops or workshops. Nevertheless, based on the BP, you may use separate companies to help.

Think about it. In Odoo (V8) a product does not automatically belong to all the companies, it only belongs to ONE company, so that you will have to maintain it in each company created

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On 22 Oct 2015, at 12:06, mihir shah <> wrote:

Dear Community,

We are trying to implement odoo in automobile dealer organization. This dealer has multiple location showroom and workshop. Where either they sale car or they service car. But all the location comes under one parent company.

What would be more advisable to use odoo as multi company or just customize it location wise and add location filter in all custom module?

Please guide us 

Thank you !!

Mihiir Shah

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