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Re: List of Changes

Houssine BAKKALI
- 10/21/2015 16:16:27
if it has been rewritten there is a big propabilities that the module has been moved to enterprise...

you can always port the module from v8 to v9 and propose it on the OCA

2015-10-21 17:42 GMT+02:00 Erdem Uney <>:
Is there a 'complete' list of changes that has been made from Odoo v8 to v9? 

For example, as far as i can see the Expenses have been changed and it has been changed from multiple product lines to single product. I cannot understand why on Earth Odoo did this because we have one customer that their Field Sales Team uses Expenses and at average the team writes 20 lines of expenses per trip basis. And I couldn't see any settings that I can enable this if this is a feature. 

What I wonder is how many things have changed? Are they dropped while moving to v9? Is there a replacement? Or is there some feature/configuration we should enable? Or is it totally moved to Enterprise Edition?

If there is a list or Odoo has plans for official documentation it is better. But if there is no such list, I would like to put this to the vote that we create one.


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