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e-mail handling question

i3 Rendszerház Kft., Csaba Tóth
- 10/21/2015 13:49:53
Dear Community! Please give me advice.

In the Odoo 8.saas6 version i handled company's general e-mail accounts
(, etc) as a Messaging group ( Because i
didn't wanted to create a record in a table, i just wanted an simple
e-mail "object", what i can reply and thats it. The users who were in a
group got the e-mail in their inbox, so i can separate the technical
ones from accounting questions, etc.

With Odoo 9 i didn't see the same possibility. I created the incoming
pop account, put a very simple e-mail into it (the e-mail's recipient
was my own user's e-mail address), but the fetch gone to error:
Anybody hitted the same error?

Can you give me an advice how to handle e-mails with Odoo 9? For example
what happens with e-mails what cannot bound to user or to an object
(using the mail.alias mapping)? How can i handle the different incoming
e-mail groups?