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Re: developers vs consultant ODOO

- 10/21/2015 13:06:58
2015-10-21 18:47 GMT+02:00 Raphaël Valyi <>:

> I don't think it's any "unexpected" that a community cemented around a *GPL
> software is hostile to people who want to compete without playing by the
> same rules of openness, no matter the volatility of the Odoo SA recent
> business models.

Odoo SA business model is in favour of proprietary business. They
changed the license for this. Any player in the community is expected
to support this model.

> I dont't think it's any different with other free software communities, at
> least it has been no different with Compiere or Openbravo communities...
But there are also many communities which don't dictate any kind of
business model, like postgresql, not to talk about another ERP.
Sorry, we are again off-topic ;-)