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Re: developers vs consultant ODOO

Mr James Alfa
- 10/21/2015 12:35:37
Dominique and the community

is that really the case - can a vertical market developer sell a hosted odoo service with an odoo base, some of their own proprietary modules, some paid modules (LGPL license) and some community modules (AGPL) installed and activated ? Assuming that the end customer of the hosted service can get access to the source code is this considered a fair and legal business approach ?

I have no views either way, just asking. It seems to makes sense from the perspective of potential customers but the community seems to have some unexpectedly aggressive reactions when any suggestion of money is made.



2015-10-21 17:03 GMT+02:00 moulay rachid Hachimi <>:

so my question will odoo by gaining  more and more maturity ,reach a level like SAP where there is a lot of integration and little of development?

Future is not written yet, so you can just guess.
There are two opposit trends : the one you describe, the more mature Odoo will be the less extra dev is required, but on the other hand, since V9, you can build industry-specifics or geo-specifics under your own trademark and differentiate by adding your own proprietary modules, which is a big opportunity for developpers.
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