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Re: OCA Organization

redCOR AG, robert rottermann
- 10/19/2015 04:03:38
thanks Joël,

On 19.10.2015 09:34, Joël Grand-Guillaume wrote:
> 1. Where do I find the list of OCA projects?
> =>
> 2. Where do I find the list of OCA tools?
> => Not sure what do you means by tools, but here may be : 
I am not sure about what a project is either..
I understand the there are project steering committees, but I do not 
understand what they steer ..

I expected that a PCS is in charge of looking after a bunch of related  
tools/projects/whatever that all belong to a given category like 
manufacturing or e-commerce.

So to my understanding a project is manufacturing or e-commerce, a tool 
is an odoo-module.
The goal of the PCS would then be to define the needs of a given 
"project" and how the tools/modules fit in.