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Re: Swiss localisation for Odoo 9 - Call for help please

redCOR AG, robert rottermann
- 10/17/2015 05:15:53
Hi Fréderic,

we would be glad to contribute.

we are still rather new to odoo.  we started using it a year ago but only started to develop in earnest some months ago, creating some rather technical modules (interfacing odoo to apache hadoop and such).
however we are seasoned python hackers.
we are therefore not able to contribute much to the discussion what should be done. but if some job are assigned to us, we will do it.


On 15.10.2015 16:27, Frédéric Clementi wrote:
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Hi Everyone,

We would like to speed up the port of the swiss localization modules to version 9. If some good fellows are willing to give a hand :) it would be welcome.

Of course Camptocamp will largely participate to the effort.

Where do we stand today?

* Odoo 9 enterprise includes the chart of account (l10n_ch) and  the list of taxes + a report for the VAT from (l10n_ch_report)

* Odoo 9 open source has no VAT form ; just the chart of account

Currently, in the OCA branches, no modules have been ported at all. 

What is the scope of the job?

Reports : 
Since account view have been removed in odoo 9, we need to create again the XML file for P&L and Balance sheet report based on the SME Chart of account 2015.

These reports exists in Odoo 8 (OCA) but are based on account view. 
I suggest (but it is only a suggestion) to base reports on user_type now instead of tags (new field in Odoo9) because the type is a required field whereas tags are not. To me, it is very important that reports are correct (at least grand totals) even if user do params errors  (ie : forget to add a tags...). Type are more reliable in my view but we will have to create something like 30-35 types... What do you think?

Modules port:
These are already listed by predro for all branches in Github issue, so I just give links again here: 

But for Switzerland, only the module 'account_invoice_rounding' is required to be able to do 5cts roudings

But for Switzerland, only the module 'account_payment_term_extension' is required to be able to do 5cts roudings in case of multi-payment terms

Thanks for your contribution,

Frédéric Clementi
Project Manager 
Business Solutions
+41 21 619 10 41

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