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Re: OCA Organization

Stefan Rijnhart
- 10/16/2015 04:30:14
On 15-10-15 20:12, David Arnold wrote:
> And third input:
> Some reviewer's "gateway attitude" on PRs without adequate levels of
> comprehension and guidance is probably the one thing that most impacts
> the OCA experience.
> Any of the kind of "I do it for free in my spare time so shut up"
> attitude is not a favour to the OCA's goals.
> OCA always will be a "soft authority", and constitution of "soft
> authorities" work quite a bit different.
> Look at the docker example, they do many things very well.

Hi David,

assuming you are talking about your aborted attempts to change the
OpenUpgrade documentation, let me link to the discussions so that
everyone can judge by themselves.

Where do you read "I do it for free in my spare time so shut up" exactly?


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