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food recipes management, for "open source" restaurant

andy graybeal
- 10/15/2015 21:34:31
I'm trying to start a food business that will open-source our recipes.  
I will be using Odoo already, and would like to find a way natively to 
do this so i don't have to have two applications.  I wonder if I could 
get some handholding.

I would like the public (with a login) to be able to edit my recipes, or 
submit modifications or submit completely new recipes.. i would like to 
have versioning.  I was thinking about a DMS, wiki, or something like 
this...  but I don't know and would like some guidance.

I posted on the "help" forum but it didn't get any responses... so I'm 
hoping maybe I'll have better luck on the mail list.

I'm setting this up on Odoo 9 Community Edition.

thank you