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Re: Free MRP workshop - October 22-23

Fabien Pinckaers (fp)
- 10/14/2015 18:44:27


> Who is internally the production specialist we would be discussing with?
> Thanks for your answer

On the Odoo side, there will be people from the R&D (mostly those that developed the inventory & accounting app) and the usability team. (That will test, and fine tune specs) I will also attend most of the meeting, Antony probably too. Although we probably have directly deployed Odoo in 50+ manufacturing industries, we don't consider ourselves as production specialists.

The production specialists will mostly be the attendees. That's why we organize such a meeting: to get feedback / ideas / and critics from the industry.

I guess what's important is not WHO will write the spec, but WHAT should be done. The goal of the meeting is to have perfect specifications, to develop the ultimate MRP solution. We plan to start developments a few days after the sprint. So I hope we will be efficient during these two days.

We wrote an initial draft specification here:

These specifications will help organizing the specification sprint. We will probably turn them upside-down, but at least we have a canvas to follow  to be productive during the workshops.

As a reminder, if you are experienced in manufacturing industries, join us next week (Thursday & Friday) to help on the workshop. If you plan to attend, send an email to Melanie ( We start at 9am, in our Brussels office.