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Re: Odoo Ecommerce Performance handling!

Houssine BAKKALI
- 10/14/2015 06:58:17

As far as i know there was no multi site database on v8. Something has been done in the extra addons. But it get no support and don't now neither if it's working in a multi company environment.

Enabling multi company make sense when you have several companies. Otherwise you probably have a db per site and a kind of connector and some business logic and the main db to process business processes from the micro site.

Le 14 oct. 2015 08:07, "Jay Vora" <> a écrit :

Hello Odoo Experts,

Need your guidance!

We are working on a very big Ecommerce portal with a heavy backend of ERP. everything is Odoo!

- Is there a way where we could use the primary database as the core for other databases i.e micro sites?


- Can the Live instance be Parent Database, Micro sites be Child Instances?


- Each micro site would be tailored to a specific product range


- Each micro site would be linked to primary instance via api or some tools


- Each micro site would take stock and pricing structure information from primary database


- Each micro site would be able to process orders but use primary instance to process i.e send data to primary instance to physically process order


- Each micro site would be able to take credit card payments but process through primary database


- Would having multiple micro sites slow down transactional performance of primary instance ?


- Or fundamentally is this what multi company functionality does or would multi company be a better solution?

Thank you.

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