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Re: BI Views Builder - Become a Beta tester

Israel CA
- 10/11/2015 22:10:11
I'm interested too

Kind Regards / Saludos cordiales 
Israel CA

El 11/10/2015, a las 6:42 p.m., Mohamed M. Hagag <> escribió:

I'm interested in the beta testing

On 10/06/2015 12:18 PM, Frank Schellenberg wrote:
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As presented by Diego Luis Neto on the Odoo Experience earlier this year:

We will have a closed Beta version available for testing soon.

Are you interested to test and see what the fuss is all about? Please let me know by email.
We will let you know when you can access this Beta program including instructions on how we would prefer to receive feedback.

Looking forward to your reply!

Warm Regards,


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