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Manage opportunity's : More partners + possibility to assign tasks to contacts

Van Hirtum Johan
- 10/09/2015 09:32:47

Dear community,


We are in the construction business. We want to do the follow up of our opportunity’s with the Odoo CRM module. But mostly we have on a job different partners involved : the customer, a general contractor, an architect, the location of the new building,…. And when partners are bigger companies, we need to note the responsible person in this company for the given job. So we want to connect more partners with the opportunity and, with the partner, assign contact persons with their role in regard to the job. Does someone knows there is an existing module for this. We work with Odoo 8.


Sometimes we have to make an offer for the same job to different partners ( for example different general contractors who want to build a new building and are in negotiation with the customer ). Is there a way to manage this in Odoo CRM ?


Thanks a lot for your help !



With kind regards,



Van Hirtum Johan