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Re: FIFO Inventory Valuation Method

- 10/08/2015 07:59:37
Maybe the inventory valuation related to a certain warehouse location.

2015-10-06 22:24 GMT+08:00 Eynar Ramiro Delgado Aparicio <>:
Greetings, I'm trying to manage purchases and sales stores, my store is configured with FIFO exit strategy, to make my tests I made two purchases:

N° Purchase    Item                                     Qt        Price         Total            Lote
P1                Papel Bond T/Carta                    6          10             60               1
P2                Papel Bond T/Carta                    8          20            160              2

You can assess the inventory with a total of 14 items and a value of 240 bs

Sales: I made 2 sales

N° Sale      Item                             Qt      Precio      Total       Lote
S1           Papel Bond T/Carta         5           0             0            1
S2           Papel Bond T/Carta         2           0             0            1

Deputy assessment system that generates me:

As you can see in the valuation system, all good until the first sale (the first purchase of 6 items, is sufficient for the first sale of 5 "Lot 1") in the second sale of 2 item, as yet I have a balance Lot # 1, item 1, at the time of the transfer, so I have not seen you notice me at lot # 1 no 1 and only 1 item missing. (This is reflected in the valuation of inventory in the last row, SO002 amount of product value is negative -1 -10.

What I would like to get in the end is that when items Lot # 1 automatically or manually deduct Lot # 2, "How did I do?" Is over, because in the end should be dispoble number 7 items with a value of 150 bs .

I hope I explained well, I hope your help, thank you very much.

Eynar Ramiro Delgado A.
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