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Re: Bank Statement Reconciliation in Anglo-saxon countries

Fabien Pinckaers (fp)
- 10/07/2015 15:47:54

You should test v9. Bank reconciliation has all the features anglo saxon countries need in v9, including the bank reconciliation report.


On Wed, Oct 7, 2015 at 5:27 AM, Jordi Ballester Alomar <> wrote:
Dear community members,

We have customers in various Anglo-Saxon countries that use, or intend to use bank statement reconciliation, but I'm seeing a gap in Odoo's approach. Perhaps you can help me to clarify it. 

As a general overview of the bank statement reconciliation in such countries (or at least in the US), see the following article:

Thus, Banc rec. is a process to prove that the company's bank account balances are aligned in the company's books and at the Bank, and that differences are reported.

As far as I can see, Odoo's Bank Statement allows to complete Step 2 'Adjust the Balance per Books', but not Step 1 "Adjust the Balance per Bank" or Step 3 
"Compare the adjusted balances".

Generally a report is required to show the results of steps 1,2,3.

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