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- 10/07/2015 07:39:46
Hi Fekete Mihaie for agr

A good point to start from is to compare with another open source
software for farming management.
Ekylibre lacks some fonctionnalities ( vehicle and HR management ) but
all the reste is well designed and it works fine.


On 01/10/15 04:48, Fekete Mihai wrote:
> Hi all,
> we are not partners since we only use Odoo internally, but we
> developed Agriculture modules for our use, meaning management of
> assets (farms), land (with geospatial support based on
>, species (crops and varieties),
> field operations (category of operations linked with category of
> product and vehicle tags), agriculture campaigns, variable and direct
> costs...
> Beside Odoo we have a dedicated software developed by us to ease the
> operations, and Odoo is syncronized bidirectional with this software,
> for now we are using this in production but we want to see what we can
> improve in both softwares before launching it.
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