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Re: Migration to v8 or v9 from v6.1

Stefan Rijnhart
- 10/06/2015 07:30:58
On 06-10-15 11:13, Nuria Arranz Velazquez wrote:

> Here at OpusVL we offer migration packages for customers, and what we 
> often find is that custom modules don't pass the open upgrade, which 
> makes perfect sense as they have extra fields and other modifications 
> that a base installation of Odoo don't count on out of the box.

> Does that make sense?

Yes, it does. Any custom module may need to be adapted to the target
version of Odoo, and as such may need its own migration script.

And a migration to a new version is an excellent moment to re-evaluate
the benefit of each custom module given the cost of porting. Note that
if you skip major releases, you only need to migrate your customizations
to the actual target release.


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