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Re: Enterprise: Is it allowed to use AGPL community modules?

- 10/05/2015 14:04:38
2015-10-05 19:46 GMT+02:00 barnie.giltrap <>:
> Agreed. I'm still surprised that that this is still an area of
> confusion.
> One thing I'd like to clarify, some replies seem to imply that the OCA
> are granting additional rights/restrictions over the AGPL. This is not
> the case, All the OCA have done is clarified
> how AGPL/LGPL/Proprietary interact in a legal sense.
> Barnie

I must disagree again. OCA
- recognized a risk for the users of strict application of AGPL and
was willing to secure them
- as a copyright holder of their modules, grant the right to use a
loose interpretation.

APGL historical reason to exist is to avoid this incorporation of AGPL
work in a proprietary solution. A year ago, everybody in the Odoo
community thought it couldn't ever be by-passed.