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Re: Enterprise: Is it allowed to use AGPL community modules?

OpusVL, Barnie Giltrap
- 10/05/2015 12:27:51
Agreed. I'm still surprised that that this is still an area of 

One thing I'd like to clarify, some replies seem to imply that the OCA 
are granting additional rights/restrictions over the AGPL. This is not 
the case, All the OCA have done is clarified
how AGPL/LGPL/Proprietary interact in a legal sense.


On 2015-10-05 17:21, Alan Bell wrote:
> nope, it isn't. The purpose of the sharealike/copyleft/Free Software
> strong licenses is to ensure that if people build on your work then
> they
> share back with the community the stuff they built on your work. That
> can include making improvements to the work, or making a derived work
> -
> in an Odoo context that means that the manifest file has a depends bit
> in it, if that references an AGPL module then the module must be AGPL.
> If you are only depending on LGPL modules then you can have whatever
> license you like - LGPL is traditionally for library software that can
> be used in closed as well as open applications. In an Odoo context,
> the
> core is the library, which can be used (depended upon) by anything.
> The special bit the AGPL does over the GPL is to make the conditions
> of
> "distribution" apply to users of a website, so users of a website can
> ask for the relevant source code, nothing to do with mixing, it is
> about
> software as a service websites, where the code might not be
> "distributed" in the traditional sense.
> Alan.