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Re: Enterprise: Is it allowed to use AGPL community modules?

OpusVL, Barnie Giltrap
- 10/05/2015 12:20:44

Barnie Giltrap
Applications Specialist
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On 2015-10-05 16:49, Alan Bell wrote:
> it isn't about mixing, it is about depending. AGPL stuff can't be
> listed
> as a dependency in proprietary modules. It is as simple as that, if
> you
> as a module developer are benefiting from AGPL code in your work, then
> your work must respect the conditions of the AGPL module and you must
> share alike. If you are just installing and running stuff, then you do
> not need to worry about it *at all* because proprietary things that
> depend on AGPL modules are not allowed and at some point probably
> won't
> be loaded by the server.
> Mixing is not a useful word in discussing this topic!