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Re: Enterprise: Is it allowed to use AGPL community modules?

- 10/05/2015 11:27:26

It is a very sensible subject documented in several places.

Let me summarize my understanding in two rules:

- if the AGPL module is copy-righted by OCA, then OCA grants you the
right to combine with Enterprise here . There is no mention in the code
itself about this loose interpretation of the license, so if you
consider this FAQ can be updated overtime, may be you can ask OCA for
a document you can archive.

- if the AGPL module is not copy-righted by OCA, refrain mixing it
with any non GPL (AGPL, GPL, LGPL or compatible) module if you don't
get a written authorization from all copyright holders. Else you would
expose to conflicts.

Some hosters (I'm one of them) adopt a restrictive interpretation of
AGPL and forbid any combination of AGPL module with other modules
under uncompatible licence as a potentially illegal usage on the
servers they are responsible for.

2015-10-05 16:59 GMT+02:00 Ermin Trevisan <>:
> Hi all
> Just to be truly sure: Is it legally possible to install AGPL licensed
> community modules on an enterprise installation? If yes, under what
> circumstances?
> Best, trevi
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