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Re: New Model on Costs for Products on V9.0.

Camptocamp France SAS, Alexandre Fayolle - Camptocamp
- 10/05/2015 02:55:18
On 05/10/2015 08:44, Alexandre Fayolle wrote:
> On 03/10/2015 08:22, Nhomar Hernández wrote:
>> Hello All.
>> I really complains a lot the last few days, but I realize today about
>> something we were waiting for something like 4 years.
>> Technical Details:
>> 1.- Cost is now on product.product and not in product.template "kudos we
>> win that fights from v8.0".
>> 2.- Cost is now multi company aware "Excellent!" several battles won too.
>> 3.- Cost Method and Valuation are "multi company aware too!" Excellent.
>> 4.- Everything is smarted linked with good function fields.
> However, the supplier information is still on the product template,
> meaning that there is no way of configuring different supplier code for
> different variant, or different purchase prices.

Leonardo Pistone just pointed me to the product_id field on
product_supplierinfo. There seem to be a will to support this too. I'm
very dubious on the implementation though, as for instance
product_product._select_seller does not seem to use it :-(

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