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Odoo Team: NodeJS, Less, NPM - please communicate clear installation advice

Ermin Trevisan
- 10/03/2015 12:02:35
Dear Odoo Team

Obviously 99% of all the numerous installation, user interface and
website presentation problems of Odoo flooding the forums and mailing
lists are not Odoo problems, but problems of properly installing nodejs,
less and npm.

It is a fact that the installation from standard distribution
repositories often does not work and the documentation and download
options of should be carefully examined
by the users.

Could you please elaborate a little bit more in detail in the official
documentation about
- the particular versions of nodejs, npm and less required/supported
for/by Odoo
- the particular paths where Odoo expects these to be located

This little effort could save a lot of unnecessary bug reports, mail
list entries and forum posts... and eventually nerves, priceless :-)

twanda AG
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