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RE: struggling with v9 install

Ray Carnes
- 10/03/2015 11:41:26
Yes, because it has to load an alternate web module.


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Subject: Re: struggling with v9 install

Does the enterprise's addon path precedes the normal odoo addon path?
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From: Arjan Duijs <>
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Subject: Re: struggling with v9 install
Date: Sat, 03 Oct 2015 15:18:24 -0000
i Jordi,
I did find the github issues, but that isnt my problem.
like i mentioned, installing the blog module (or any other other less using module) doesnt solve the problem.
The whole admin side of odoo is malformed as well.
So somehow odoo can not find/execute lessc still... even though the order of installing the dependencies was right.
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2015-10-03 8:48 GMT-05:00 Jordi Ballester Alomar <>:

Arjan it happened to me as well. It has been logged as an issue in Github. You must install module 'website_blog' from command line. This will resolve it as a workaround.

El dia 03/10/2015 15:38, "Arjan Duijs" <> va escriure:
Hi all,
I am realy struggling with my v9 install and dont seem to get it worrk properly in my webfaction environment.
- installed node + less (added paths and verified if both are executable from the cmd line
[josesapelli@web452 ~]$ less -V
less 436
Copyright (C) 1984-2009 Mark Nudelman
[josesapelli@web452 ~]$ npm -version
created a virtualenv to install odoo
within the virtualenv:
verified if LESS was still working
pip install -r requirements.txt  (gevent wouldnt instll due to wheel errors, after removing gevent it installed all the addons)
python install
created the Database
and browse to odoo:\
But still getting the "Could not execute command 'lessc" and the admin panel is missing quite some styles (does not render propetly)
Event installing the blog addon as some suggested doesnt make a difference.
So somehow odoo still cant get to less, but the cmd line does say otherwise.
Hopefully someone got an idea.

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