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Re: attendance control system integration with Odoo

Nhomar Hernandez
- 10/03/2015 02:31:11

2015-09-30 12:57 GMT-05:00 Grzegorz Grzelak <>:
If I am thinking of such system I would go the way Odoo indicated in posbox solution. Buy Raspberry Pi2 for $35 and connect it (via USB) to some Mifare reader for $60. Install Odoo on Raspberry Pi as hardware control with some customized hw_xxxxx module.

Lorenzo already mentioned the rule to follow to know if this is correctly done with this.

Frequently you need this devices in a rs-485 network which is strongly solid and not as expensive as a ethernet network.

Even the most expensive ones have ethernet network devices but increasing hugely the security on such devices (making them in a different network from the world and other yerbs).


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