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PROPOSAL :: 2nd plane move line concept

El Aleman, David Arnold
- 10/03/2015 00:29:19

With the paradigmatic change of the V9 accounting (for the better), one might wonder, if even further simplification and user friendliness without giving up on granularity is possible.

The Proposal consists in give the option to limit modern IFRS compliant accounting to fewer high level accounts, then on journal items: aggregate an account specific concept drop down.

It is a characteristic of the available choices to be adaptive to the corresponding account. Example on an account current accounts, we could have concepts like "with shareholders", "with third party", "with owners".

The biggest benefit would be usability, as the selection proces of the correct classification is more "iterated". This makes even complex questions more easily (sequentially) solvable by non-accountants.

As IFRS is all about the idea of XBRL, no legal restrictions are to be expected in participating countries.

I want to ask you for you opinion, suggestion, philosophic remarks.

@ Odoo: would a pull request in the form of a Module be welcomed and included into core?

Best, David