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Re: Fwd: V9.0 tests on runbot

Fabien Pinckaers (fp)
- 10/02/2015 15:10:41

Ok for using the GL report but there are 2 issues :
* No filter by account : You cannot expect users to scroll or to do ctrl+F until they find the right account.

If you have more than 10 lines (not sure about the exact number), you get a link to browse all the lines. (to the normal list view of Odoo with search, group by, ...)
* We need an other report showing move lines by journals...with a filter by journal and by account (+ it is still a legal requierement as far as I know)

Sure about that? There are a lot of accounting software that have documents by journal (e.g. list of invoices) or journal entries per journal, but no journal items per journal. (some have, but I would say only a few)

BTW, if needed, the view is there, just remove the Technical Features group on the menu and you get it. The reason why we prefer it that way, is that Journal Items are a bit technical and t's complex to have different views over the same records. (Invoice, Jounral Entry, Journal Items). For this reason, you even have a lot of accounting software that don't even show the Journal Entries for invoices, payments, ... (they directly show you the payment or invoice, instead of the journal entry --> which is easier)