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import "complex" ods files

Fabien MORIN
- 10/02/2015 09:49:18
Hi all,

I'm trying to import an ods document into an odoo module. As I read, it is 
quit simple to convert it to csv and import the csv file. That's working for 
the simple case.

What I don't know is how to import an ods file which contains many sheets (400 
in my case) each sheet representing an object and each line in the sheet 
representing a sub-object. (the columns represent the properties of each sub-

Converting such an ods file to csv with libreoffice give me an advertisement 
claiming that only the active sheet will be converted (so I have to do it 
manually 400 times). Is there another way to import such file ?
A solution could be to accept ods in addition to csv files for odoo import, 
this would avoid converting task for people working with ods and make possible 
to import multi-sheets files. Does something like that already exists ?

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