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Re: Odoo 10 Manufacturing Specs

Bheco Services, Mouad Hamri
- 09/29/2015 20:19:46

Hello Fabien,

I tried to add some comments on the document but I think that the access is not given.

I think that MPS is a very important functionality that many SMEs are using as well and its usage depends on the company activity and not only the company size (many SMEs use MRP 2 for their manufacturing and base their decision on sales forecast ).

Some simulation screens are missing as well as many mrp users need to simulate the week / month production plan to see if the raw materials / work center capacites / human resources are enough to perform the operations else a balancing can be done (chage MO dates, swap some MO to other resources,  ...) until everything is green.

These was my two big comments.
I will try to comment every aspect in the document before the workshop 


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Le 29 sept. 2015 23:56, Fabien Pinckaers <> a écrit :

Here is a first draft document that summarize some of the changes we plan to do for Odoo 10 MRP:

The document is draft, far from being finished, and incomplete. We still need to add a lot of things, design all the mockups, define the statistics and kpis and review every small feature of the other software (including Odoo MRP) to check if we don't miss something.

But at least you can check where we are going for Odoo 10 MRP.

Do not hesitate to comment in the document and add some feedback. We'll try to finalize a draft version within two weeks, before our specification sprint in Belgium.



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