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Re: Odoo 10 Manufacturing Specs

Numa Extreme Systems, Gustavo Marino
- 09/29/2015 19:27:15
In almost all cases I deal with manufacturers, they use subcontractors. This concept is not managed in the current Odoo implementation, nor in this spec.

Dealing with subcontractors imply you to have to send them intermediate goods, receive them once manufactured or converted, and generate the corresponding supplier invoices for services performed. In many cases, invoices depend on the actual work done, not on planned quantities.

Even if not in the initial release as an included feature, please consider the necessary hooks to replace routings with a more powerful version, supporting external suppliers, sending and reception of goods and the automatic control of the service to be invoiced to you. Parametric BOMs are also a very common need. A community module perhaps may provide all this additional features, but if this is not planned in advance, most probably you will end rewriting the whole thing

Even in simple small enterprises, a company that manufacture using 100% internal processes is really rare in my experience.


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2015-09-29 19:57 GMT-03:00 Fabien Pinckaers <>:

Here is a first draft document that summarize some of the changes we plan to do for Odoo 10 MRP:

The document is draft, far from being finished, and incomplete. We still need to add a lot of things, design all the mockups, define the statistics and kpis and review every small feature of the other software (including Odoo MRP) to check if we don't miss something.

But at least you can check where we are going for Odoo 10 MRP.

Do not hesitate to comment in the document and add some feedback. We'll try to finalize a draft version within two weeks, before our specification sprint in Belgium.



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