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Re: Migration to v8 or v9 from v6.1

Davide Corio
- 09/28/2015 12:26:53
On 28/09/15 13:17, Éric Bélanger wrote:
> Hi,
> Does anyone have a proper procedure to migrate from Odoo v6.1 to either
> Odoo v8 or even the new Odoo v9? My client has only one custom module in
> his package to migrate.

If you can, use the official service provided by Odoo.

We recently migrated a 6.1 db to 8.0 via custom scripts (we also tried 
openupgrade) and it was definitely a PITA.

Another 6.1 client has been migrated with the odoo's service in few 
hours (anonymization, checks, etc...).

Davide Corio