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Re: Seems Odoo just got hacked

Dave Ellison
- 09/25/2015 04:07:39

Whilst it does look that way, it is not, note the 404's. What you'll find is bots hitting IP's, finding a web server and spamming it with known scripts and vulnerabilities. I can fire up a VPS with Apache and within days I can see these attempts. This is not even a specific attack against you, it is just a script with a set attack, to find anything that will allow them access etc. This is the unfortunate life of a web server on the internet. If you look further into a server exposed to the internet, certainly a Linux server. You will find bots attempting SSH accessing on a regular basis. That's why any server on the internet needs securing and programs like fail2ban adding. Though these days, most people get in on weak passwords or un-patched OS


On 24/09/15 18:25, David Arnold wrote:
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Hi All

A client's odoo seems to just got hacked:

please find attached log files for your prudent analysis>



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