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Re: Odoo vs SAP for data security

Ecosoft Co. LTD, Kitti Upariphutthiphong
- 09/25/2015 03:10:00

Thanks a lot for sharing opinions. Just want to add the reply to Eva questions, right from customer.
  • SAP ECC 6.0
  • Database Oracle version 11G
  • New table is created through SAP application, and not directly
  • Never update directly to table because there are multiple linkages, which make it impossible, everything must be done through SAP.
Frankly, I think customer also don't have much idea what sap is doing, as everything is closed. They just know it is hard to access (but interpret that it is a security excellence of SAP).

Can I summarize that it is more on how SAP block access to DB, there is no real magic?

This project is a thrill for our team. Customer knows well how SAP compare to Odoo, they used Odoo for small apps for years, and we replace SD module with Odoo. So far, they love Odoo. Now, they are also taking big challenge to replace everything.

Customer was suffering from the rigidity of SAP, and lately suffer from SAP aggressively chase for more License Fee. I am not sure why SAP choose to this strategy, as it seem to happen to many customers that used SAP for many years. It turn to be Odoo's opportunity.

Wondering if the same trend happen to your home country??? That the big customer wanted to let go SAP.

Does any of you have experiences replacing SAP ERP (not Business One) with Odoo? Any challenge you faces? Any thing we should beware of? Any shared experiences?

Appreciate all your answer,
Kitti U.

On Fri, Sep 25, 2015 at 12:36 PM, Nhomar Hernández <> wrote:

2015-09-25 0:21 GMT-05:00 Raymond Leung <>:
on who has the right to access data internally, not the database breakpoint or how strong is it on protection. 


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