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Re: V9, Bug, Warning level

Abhishek Mehta
- 09/25/2015 01:00:05
Hi Ollivier,

I face same in the morning when i update v9 repo but after updating db error was just gone.

Try same may be it will help you as well.

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On Fri, Sep 25, 2015 at 9:52 AM, Olivier Lenoir <> wrote: NameError: .o-display-marked is undefined in - on line 386, column 29:

385 &.marked:after {

386 .o-display-marked("\f00c", 0, 360px, #21b799);

387 }

This error occured while compiling the bundle 'web.assets_common' containing:

- /web/static/src/less/mimetypes.less

- /web_planner/static/src/less/web_planner_common.less

- /web_editor/static/src/less/web_editor.less

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